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Friday, December 01, 2023
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Management Consultants assist companies in orchestrating change management to optimize total business performance. We help select, analyze, articulate, strategize, and execute complex corporate initiatives. There are many key tools used to accomplish this, including: facilitated strategy and planning sessions, project management, business process management, and people development, coaching, mentoring and training.

Systems-thinking and designed-in-quality philosophies are incorporated into the process of developing custom solutions. Our experts provide a diverse range of services to the Automotive industry (including major vehicle OEM's, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers), MIS Service Providers, Electronics, Construction and Utility industries. We provide the tools and a solid foundation to help you successfully manage your people development, projects and processes, and your business. Want more information about improving business performance? Use the left-side navigation bar to learn more about what Performance Source can do for your company. If you prefer, just contact us by e-mail for more information, or call to speak directly with one of our performance consultants.

Managing complex projects on a large scale

Successful projects can lead to a healthy bottom line. Success is defined simply as &ldquo meeting customer expectations on time and on budget.&rdquo Skilled project managers, using standard practices will yield better and more predictable results. Project management metrics and tools provide timely feedback and measure adherence to financial and operational goals.

Performance Source can help establish standard project management methods and tools, and skilled project teams able to:

  • Develop robust project plansprocess mgmt
  • Achieve technical requirements and timing
  • Achieve project financial goals
  • Monitor and report project status and forecast future performance
  • Manage cross-functional teams
  • Satisfy internal and external customers

The Design Process & Metrics

We dedicate an account team to learn about your business and objectives to provide the appropriate service solutions & conduct competitive analysis

  • Provide consulting on marketing, communications, and database management resulting in an overall strategic and creative direction.
  • Develop content outline, scripting, project architecture and time line.
  • Present creative direction for the " look and feel" of the program.
  • Conduct sampling and testing.
  • Go Live!

Training Classes

  • Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®) Exam Preparationpmp exam prep
  • Project Management Applications Workshop
  • Project Management Tools & Techniques
  • Introduction to Microsoft ProjectTM
  • Advanced Microsoft ProjectTM
  • Executive Project Management
  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Effective Meeting Techniques
  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • New Product Development Planning
  • Custom Training Development & Delivery

Finding direction and leading to successful outcomes

  • Facilitated Strategy & Planning Sessions
  • Integrated Comprehensive Business Improvement Solutions
  • Complex Business Process Development & Deployment
  • Custom Handbook Development (Engineer, Project Manager)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • 360 Degree Review & Assessment
  • New Product Development
  • Project Managementtraining
  • Engineering Release Processes
  • Product Change Control
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Employee Development
  • Fiscal Budgeting

Organizations can improve performance by providing employees with required skills, setting and communicating clear performance expectations, and providing appropriate direction and feedback. When expectations are measurable and meaningful, people feel empowered, motivated, and accountable.

Our Performance Source experts can help your company:

  • Define skill-set requirements
  • Develop and deliver targeted training

Bring out the best in employees by improving skills in:

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Giving Timely, Objective Feedback
  • Setting Expectations and Measuring Performance

Articulating and communicating the interrelationships of initiatives

The key to successful strategic initiatives lies in understanding how they fit into the big picture. Many businesses fail at implementing change because they attempt to solve problems in isolation. Clearly defining interrelationships with day-to-day operations and other initiatives is critical to the success of the intervention.

Performance Source helps plan and implement your initiatives by working with your resources to:initiative

  • Align initiatives with your business plan
  • Define management&rsquo s roles and responsibilities
  • Articulate the interrelationships of initiatives with existing business conditions and constraints
  • Clarify expected results, develop realistic action plans, track progress, and provide feedback
    Develop and deploy comprehensive organizational process models

Focusing and optimizing processes

Making your business processes lean will eliminate wasted time, redundant effort, misinformation, and loose control. Lean processes will improve the level of comfort your customers and employees feel. Gaining an understanding of the total organization&rsquo s work flow will highlight bottlenecks and disconnects, ensuring consistent performance across multiple platforms.

Performance Source helps improve your business process efficiency and overall effectiveness by:

  • Targeting specific areas for improvement
  • Using your collective industry and company knowledge and our process development expertise to drive efficiency throughout the organization
  • Focusing and optimizing your processes to make the best use of available resources
  • Deploying well-documented processes that meet your needs, achieve business success, and are accepted by the users and customers