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Friday, December 01, 2023


Multiple solutions integrated into a single source

Audio Source Company provides customers with complete Communication Systems that are scalable, carrier-grade solutions for tandem voice-data applications to support both inbound and outbound call centers. Configurations are available with T3 and T1 including 800/900/011, fax VOIP/FOIP and ISP services. Daily call activity reports can be automatically sent via e-mail or accessed through our web site the following day. Standard statistics include: virtual call attempts and completions, operator assisted call attempts and completions, total minutes, total revenue, direct bill, pay by check and credit card totals, and week or month to date totals.

We also offer a full range of 24-hour inbound and outbound Service Bureau support activities. These include Automated Voice Response (AVR), Internet Voice Response (IVR), Fax Broadcast and Demand, Sweepstakes, Games, Training, Promotions, Incentives, Technical Support, Customer Surveys, Chat, Psychic, Dateline, Fund Raising and many more. We are the pay-per-call experts.

Audio Source provides an alternative to purchasing multiple voice, data and Internet network hardware and services. Customers are served by a single service bureau that is proactively managed and monitored. The simplicity and flexibility of the integrated solution can help businesses streamline operations, boost employee productivity, maximize return on investment and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Audio Source can provide the flexibility for voice and data access requirements while eliminating the costs associated with buying and managing multiple networks. Customers save valuable time and money by implementing one of our integrated solutions while enjoying the benefits of a true 24/7/365 service provider.

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  • Automated Voice Response (AVR)
  • Internet Voice Response (IVR)
  • Fax Broadcast and Demand
  • Technical Support
  • Incentives
  • Promotions
  • Customer Surveys
  • Training
  • Fund Raising
  • Games
  • Sweepstakes
  • Chat
  • Psychicline
  • Dateline

When your business changes, you can stay put

  • Flexible call-center solutions for voice and data that fit your changing needs.
  • Solutions for any size call-control or point of contact program.
  • Real-time database and accounting reporting applications.
  • Fully integrated web response systems, web links, web call-center support systems.
  • Hosted network integration.

Pay-per-Call Solutions

Audio Source has combined well-trained, highly motivated Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs) with leading edge software and hardware to develop very creative solutions for our telemarketing customers' needs. We provide comprehensive, integrated Pay-per-Call solutions. Our 24/7/365 Service Bureau can field or initiate your calls for products and services. From turnkey development and customized scripting to digital marketing campaigns and cooperative promotions with live respondents.

We have a variety of services specifically designed to enhance your company's capabilities. Audio Source can help you create a successful marketing or service program with a unique combination of strategic thinking, creativity, technological expertise and a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Affordable programs coupled with quality service will give you a successful inbound or outbound telemarketing campaign. Our rates are customized to your product and service needs. Using our telemarketing services can provide higher sales and lower costs to your business. We offer custom tailored solutions designed to fit your specific business and communication requirements.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR) & Automated Voice Response (AVR)

Audio Source provides comprehensive, one-stop products and services for computer system and computer-telephony systems applications, specializing in automating high-volume, high-profile call handling systems. Every aspect of building and maintaining call-center or data systems are supported. We provide solutions for:

  • Call-center solutions based on synchronized voice and data
  • Solutions for any size call-control or point of contact application
  • Database and accounting applications
  • Web response systems, Web links, Web call-center support systems
  • Voice and File Server specialists
  • LAN/WAN network integration over *NIX-based systems

Contact Relationship Management & Call Center Solutions

Audio Source provides point of contact solutions for high-volume, personalized contact handling. An almost unlimited number of solutions can be created by using a remarkably open platform for communications and data control. Combine call and digital voice handling with unlimited data control on the right platform and you get a Call Center System supporting all your needs. Competently handle sales, research, fund raising and any high-volume services that require synchronized voice and data control in one comprehensive business tool.

  • Outbound Call Handlingcall center
  • Hot Calls and Web Calls
  • True Predictive Modes
  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Auto-Attendant, Unlimited Menus & Messages
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Integrated or Automated Voice Response - IVR / AVR
  • Real-Time and Historical reporting

Put our contact relationship solutions to work for you, with the integrated modules that truly support your enterprise needs. To find out more about our IVR and AVR products and services, please contact an Audio Source Customer Care Representative directly at (248) 471-4960 x201.